Guacamalla Fire

Guacamalla Fire Update….September 21, 2011. The lighting caused Guacamalla Fire was first reported on the afternoon of August 18th. It is burning approximately five miles east of Ponderosa, NM on the SE flank of the Jemez Mountains. As of September 20th the fire had consumed 693 acres. Because of favorable conditions the fire has a low spread potential.

Acccording to the Forest Service…..”Tomorrow through Friday residents from north of Albuquerque to Jemez Springs are expected to see a significant increase in smoke from the Guacamalla Fire approximately 5 miles east of Ponderosa, NM. The fire has been allowed by fire officials managing the fire, to crawl across the ground in an effort to reduce area fuels that could otherwise accumulate over time and create a hotter, more severe fire in the future. Fire officials burned approximately 40 acres adjacent to the fire yesterday to manage the fire’s direction, and today through Friday will be burning up to 700 acres in and around the fire area to help bring the fire to a close. Because of the moisture level, the fire continues to burn slowly with a low spread potential. The east side of the Guacamalla fire abuts the west side of the Las Conchas Fire burn area, and is not likely to spread into the burn area. Presently, the fire has burned approximately 693 acres and is holding north of Forest Road 266 and south of Forest Road 271. Wildland firefighters will continue to monitor the area until the fire is declared out.”