JemezCentral Up to Date Fishing Report

July 11, 2018

***Important Notice*** The Santa Fe National Forest has reopened for public use as of Monday, July 9, 2018.

This is a very unique year in the Jemez as there is no snow pack and no spring run-off. Fishing should be fabulous through May. As summer progresses and waters warm, NMDGF will slow stocking operations to a crawl. You can find information about specific Jemez area waters below. Also if you have  info to add, please send to: All photos in this report are of summer time conditions unless otherwise noted.

Keith Redman And His Wedding Rainbow From Fenton Lake – Panther Martin


Jemez River

Jemez River

Jemez River

Fishing Report July 11, 2018…Rating…(Fair)

The Jemez River is very low right  now and has warmed to the point that it is unstockable. Fishing is fair from Battleship Rock on south to the Village of Jemez Springs.

 Salmon eggs, worms and meal worms can be very effective for the stockers and the occasional resident brown. Any subsurface nymph pattern should bring action for the fly fisher.


 The Jemez River was stocked on Tuesday, April 24th with 2000 Rainbows and most recently on Wednesday, May 9th with 805 Rainbow Trout






East Fork Jemez River

Jemez East Fork

Jemez East Fork

Fishing Report July 11, 2018….(Rating…Fair) .

Low and warm water conditions have slowed fishing on this remote off the road river.

 Just a reminder that the East Fork is now being managed as a Brown Trout fishery and is no longer being stocked with Rainbows. The brown trout population has come back after the burn scar flooding of a couple years ago. Please, because of the delicate nature of this population of browns, I would encourage a strict catch and release practice.



San Antonio

Rio San Antonio

Rio San Antonio


Fishing Report July 11, 2018…(Rating…Excellent)  

Rio San Antonio received a surprise stocking on July 11th.  Fishing is good in that section from La Cueva Picnic Area upstream to the San Antonio Campground. Please, respect other anglers and the kiddos and keep only your limit of the recently stocked Rainbows. Salmon eggs are always a good bet for the hatchery fish. That section of the river below the picnic area and above the campground has been fishing very well for resident browns. For the sake of the brown trout population, I would encourage returning all fish to the river.
 Rio San Antonio was stocked on Wednesday May 9th with 750 Rainbow Trout and most recently on Wednesday, July 11th with 750 Rainbows.



Fenton Lake

Fenton Lake

Fenton Lake (Summertime)

Fishing Update July 11, 2018…(Rating… Excellent Fishing…For Now)

 Fishing can be best described as fast and furious. Throw pretty much anything in the water and you will catch fish. The lake has not been stocked or fished for over a month and the holdover rainbows are very active right now. Unfortunately the fabulous fishing will be short lived as stocking operations have ceased because of warm water conditions and high PH levels in the lake. Worms and nightcrawlers continue to be the most consistent bait. Garlic scented power bait has also been very effective. For the fly fisher, Prince Nymphs and dark colored Wooley Buggers are a good bet. Be sure to stop in to Amanda’s for some hot coffee and fresh bait. 

 Fenton Lake was stocked on Wednesday, May 23rd with 2060 rainbow trout and most recently on Wednesday, May 30th with 2110 rainbows. The lake has also been stocked multiple times over the last two months with many large (16-18 inch) rainbows.

The state park is now open  for camping, fishing and other recreational activities effective Wednesday, July 11th at 7:30 am. The state park is currently under Stage II fire restrictions.






 Rio Guadalupe

The Guadalupe Box

The Guadalupe Box

Fishing Update July 11, 2018….(Rating…No Reports) 

FR 376 is now reopened effective July 9th allowing access to Rio Guadalupe.

Because of the lack of snowpack and consequently  no run-off, the Guadalupe is very low right now. This river has not been fished since June 1st and I have had no reports. Certainly worth a try.

 This gem of a river is being managed as a brown trout fishery so you will not see the stocking truck along this wild river.






 Rio De Las Vacas


Rio de Las Vacas

Rio de Las Vacas

Fishing Update July 11, 2018 ( Rating…Nope)  The water is very low and the surviving  fish are pooled up in whatever water is available. We are probably looking at a significant fish kill this summer. There was no spring run-off this year. The headwaters within the San Pedro Parks Wilderness may be worth a try.

    The Rio de Las Vacas  was stocked on Tuesday March 27th with 750 Rainbow trout.





Rio Cebolla

The Lower Rio Cebolla near Porter Landing

Rio Cebolla

Fishing Update July 11, 2018 (Recently Stocked)  Rio Cebolla is being stocked both above and below Fenton Lake. Fishing should be excellent right now on this small Jemez Mountain creek. Salmon eggs and small spinners are a good choice for the stocked rainbows. A quiet hike upstream from the hatchery will reward you with some fine fishing for small resident browns and Rio Grande Cutthroats that reside in the upper reaches of Rio Cebolla. Silver bladed Panther Martins and any fly placed quietly on the water will bring action from these hungry resident fish.

Rio Cebolla was stocked on Wednesday, May 30th with 500 Rainbows and most recently on Wednesday, July 11th with 400 Rainbow Trout.





San Gregorio Lake

San Gregorio Lake

San Gregorio Lake

Fishing Update July 11, 2018….(Rating….No Reports ) This high altitude, wilderness lake is accessed by a beautiful one mile hike. Because of the lack of snowpack in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness this past winter, the hatchery truck made an early appearance this year. In addition to the recently stocked fish, I have had multiple reports of some larger holdover rainbows being caught prior to the closure. San Gregorio has not been fished since June 1st so fishing should be fast and furious so please keep only your limit of five fish. NMDGF is patrolling the area frequently. Have fun and enjoy a true New Mexico wilderness experience.

San Gregorio was stocked on May 18, 2018 with 6000 catchable sized Rainbow Trout.



Cute Catch




Fishing The Jemez

Children Are Welcome!

The Jemez is a great place to bring your young children to fish.  They can be successful fishing anywhere in the Jemez, but for those that are 11 yr and younger, the Kid’s Pond at the hatchery is a great place for the youngsters.  Stop in at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store for any supplies or snacks that you might need. Make sure you take proper precaution with your children around the water.  Early Spring can often bring high water and strong currents, which can be a danger for kids and adults alike.

                         Fenton Lake Catch

Big Catch

Facts about Fishing

The cost of a license for New Mexico residents is $35 for a license that is good for the license year  April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019. Non-resident licenses are $65 for the year. Short-term licenses are the same price for residents and non-residents alike and can be purchased for one day ($22) or five days ($34). Seniors (ages 65-69) and handicapped can purchase an annual license for $18. Juniors (age 12-17) pay $11 for an annual license. Active duty military and military veterans that are NM residents are being offered reduced priced licenses.  Licenses are free for individuals over the age of 70. All necessary habitat stamps and fees are included in the pricing structure notated above.  A second rod validation (optional) is available for $4. Applicants for hunting and fishing licenses are required by law to provide the last four digits of their social security number. Special trout waters are found in the Jemez and are normally well-marked, but it might be a good idea to consult your fishing proclamation for special regulations that may exist.  The website has complete fishing rules and information. Fishing and hunting licenses are available at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store in La Cueva (575-829-4333).

Having fun in the Jemez