Stage III fire restrictions will go into effect  at 8:00 am Friday June 24, 2011.

Under Stage III fire restrictions, all areas of the Forest are restricted/off limits to all use and access unless specifically listed as open. Open areas will remain under Stage II fire restrictions.

There are still many recreational opportunities in the Jemez in spite of the Stage III closure. Exceptions to the restrictions are as follows:

Camping Opportunities….San Antionio Campground is open, as is Jemez Falls,Vista Linda and Fenton Lake State Park. No campfires, charcoal grills, propane or gas grills are allowed unless housed in an enclosed camper or trailer.

Picnicking Opportunities….Las Conchas, Jemez Falls, La Cueva and Spanish Queen Picnic areas are open. However…no campfires, charcoal grills, propane or gas grills or stoves are allowed.

Hiking opportunities….Jemez Falls Trail is open to hiking as is the trail to Spence Hot Springs. Both are short trails and your hike can not deviate from those specific trails.

Hot Spring Opportunities….the trail to Spence Hot springs and the hot spring  itself  is open. Access to any other Hot Spring in the Jemez is closed.

Cliff Jumping Opportunities….East Fork Trail 137 and the trail along river to access the cliff jumps is CLOSED. THERE ARE NO CLIFF JUMPING OPPORTUNITIES UNTIL THE FOREST LIFTS THE STAGE III RESTRICTIONS AND FOREST CLOSURE.

Fishing Opportunities….the San Antonio River from La Cueva Picnic south to Battleship Rock Picnic Area is open to fishing. The Jemez River from Battleship Rock south to La Junta Fishing Access is open to fishing. Fishing access is limited to 75ft either side of the river. The following fishing access parking areas are open: Dark Canyon, Rincon, The Bluffs, River’s Bend, San Diego, Las Casitas and La Junta. Fenton Lake and the Rio Cebolla within the Fenton Lake State Park are open to fishing.

Stage III Fire Restrictions