March Storm – Jemez Mountains, NM

Although it doesn’t look like it today (four inches new snow) spring is just around the corner. Over the next few weeks school systems will take time out for Spring Break. Many families will feel the warmth of the March sun and succumb to the draw of the Jemez Mountains. Just a word of caution from At 8000 ft in the mountains of northern New Mexico it is spring but still just a little bit winter.

Camping opportunities are few and far between as most Forest Service campgrounds will remain closed until the first part of May. The exceptions being Fenton Lake State Park with six spaces However, Fenton Lake remains completely frozen and is off limits to fishing. Also Vista Linda Campground is open with 13 spaces located on Hwy 4 at MM 13.2. All forest roads are closed and will remain so until the first part of April. There are some opportunities for dispersed camping. Stop by Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country store and we will point you in the right direction.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the new snow will melt fast and the weather forecast looks terrific for the next week of so. Many of the streams have been stocked recently and water conditions are generally good. The Seven Springs Kid’s Pond is free of ice and fishing should be good for the youngsters. The hot springs are always a viable option this time of year. These are a few of the reasons to visit the Jemez during Spring Break, but just remember, we still have a little bit of winter up here.