Jemez Mountain San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs

October is a great time to be in the Jemez. Whether your visit is camping for the weekend or a day trip,  there is much to do in the Jemez Mountains.

With the cooler weather, the hot springs feel that much better. Take an Autumn hike or drive up to the San Antonio Hot Springs and revive your being with a soak in the 106 degree water. The views are an added bonus.

The aspens are at their best over the next couple of weeks. Flickering waves of gold can be found

Autumn on the Rio San Antonio

throughout the Jemez. Contrast the yellow with the bright vibrant red of a Virginia Creeper and you have a feast for the eyes.

Camping in the Fall is a special experience. Bright, sunny, warm days with New Mexico blue skies and clear cool nights make for a special family memory. Less people…no bugs and the campfire will take on a whole new meaning in October.

The Jemez is a popular area to replenish your wood supply for the cold winter ahead. Stop into the forest service office at Walatowa visitor’s center (open weekends) or the Jemez Springs forest service office (closed weekends) to pick up your wood cutting permit. Permits cost $20 and allow for five cords of wood. Gathering your own winter wood supply is an invigorating and rewarding adventure for the whole family.

Fenton Lake Brown

This is one of the best times of the year to be at the lake or on the creek. Aside from the cooler days and the scenic beauty of the Fall,  Brown Trout are spawning. Because they are in “love” they become a little careless. Spawning Brown Trout do not actively feed, but they do become very territorial and will protect their area from intruders. They will aggressively strike at a big streamer or flashy spinner to protect their territory. Try the north end of Fenton Lake in the reeds or the small Cebolla Creek as it flows into the lake. You just might be rewarded with a monster Brown Trout.

As always….we invite you to stop in to Amanda’s and say hey. Grab a bottle of Carrizozo cherry or raspberry cider or maybe a bottle of Nathan’s chokecherry or strawberry rubarb jam.