The Fourth of July weekend is normally one our busiest of the year. This is the time of year that we (Amanda’s) make our money for the lean times of the winter season.


 I am encouraging  visitors to stay away. Even though the Las Conchas fire has had very little direct effect on our part of the Jemez, the forest is just so dry and dangerous right now that your recreational opportunities are very limited.

The onlycamping opportunities are at the San Antonio Campground and Fenton Lake State Park. Unless you have a stove in an enclosed RV or trailer you will not be able to cook your food. There are very limited hiking, fishing, or hot spring opportunities.

If you do decide to come up, be sure you have a place to camp. Stop in to Amanda’s, buy some supplies, head to the lake, rent a boat and enjoy the day.

Bottom line is….there will better times this summer to enjoy the Jemez. We need some rain and we will get it. There is nothing finer than our afternoon showers that show up like clockwork and cool the temperature, dampen the earth, turn the forest green, nourish the wildflowers, freshen the air and lift the spirit.

You are important to us. You are our lifeblood. You are our friends. Come and see us when you can really enjoy this wonderful part of the world.