Winter Driving Mishap

Winter is here and certain precautions should be taken if your driving plans bring you to the Jemez Mountains. There are many road hazards aside from snowpacked and icy conditions. Black ice, which is an invisable thin layer of ice on paved roads, can be very dangerous as shown by this photo taken on Friday November 9th. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this mishap. If your trip to the Jemez takes you off-road, always be prepared for winter weather…. wet, muddy or snowy roads. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Winter storms can occur suddenly. If one comes up, start heading home. At a minimum, we suggest you  take the following items with you if traveling in the mountains. Tire chains, tow chain, first aid kit, warm clothing, shovel, full tank of gas, matches or flares, and a flashlight. Highway speed limits are posted for a reason. Other road hazards exist besides snow, ice and black ice. Gravel, rocks and boulders…. sharp, dangerous curves….and the presence of wild game, elk and deer can all create dangererous situations. Enjoy your trip to the Jemez but please use caution during the winter season.