411Thank-you to all that have served this great country and have made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor you this Memorial Day, 2014. No matter our political views or the politics of war, I hope we can all agree that we owe a debt of gratitude to our fallen heroes.

Normally I would not look forward to a rainy Memorial Day Weekend, but this will be a welcome event….if the weather forecasters are on target. Imagine the rain cooled air, the roads no longer choked with dust and the warmth of your campfire as you sit among family and friends and enjoy the beauty of the Jemez Mountains. This is going to be a special three day weekend.

Most waters in the Jemez have been stocked heavily over the last five or six weeks  with rainbow trout that fit nicely in any frying pan. Campgrounds are open, forest roads offer dispersed camping opportunities and there are no fire restrictions. Hot springs beckon. Hiking trails call your name. All sorts of recreation may lure you to a very special part of New Mexico….the Jemez Mountains. We invite you to the Jemez to make family memories and enjoy the enchantment of the New Mexico outdoors.

I realize that I am ‘preaching to the choir here, but please be very careful with your campfires this weekend and please ‘pack it in…pack it out’…trash that is.