Lexi Loo and a Nice Rainbow

The Kid’s Pond at the Seven Springs hatchery is a wonderful place to take your kids to experience a successful day fishing. To access this fishery, drive approximately three miles past Fenton Lake on Hwy 126 and turn right onto FR314. After a short distance you will see the parking lot for the Kid’s Pond. There is no charge to park or fish. Fishing is restricted to children eleven years old and younger. There is a nice bathroom facility and the pond is open for fishing daily from 8:00am till 5:00pm. Catching fish at the Kid’s Pond is not a “sure thing” but it’s pretty close. Normal bag limits apply to the kids at the pond…five fish per day. Right now, fishing has been fabulous for Rainbows to 16 inches and the occasional Brown up to 20 inches.

Thus, the warning. It is awful tempting for those older than eleven years old to fish the Kid’s Pond. That is a “no no” and you will be cited if caught. And the chances of being caught are pretty good. Even though you may not see a game officer present, they may be within binocular distance, watching for violators. The fine is significant and a court appearance in Cuba may be required.

Success for Lexi

As a parent or grandparent this is what is permissable when it comes to helping the kids be successful. You may cast for the kids, but you must immeadiately give control of the fishing pole to the youngster. You may also assist in getting the fish onto the bank (by grabbing the line) once the child has gotten the fish to the shore. You will be cited if caught holding the rod, setting the hook, or reeling the fish in.

I applaud all parents and grandparents who make the time an effort to take and teach a kid to fish. This is an invaluable life lesson. Too many kids do not get this opportunity. So….thanks to those of you that do take the time. Please do not, however, abuse this opportunity at the Kid’s Pond as it could be expensive.