Hunter Bradshaw Doin' His Thing

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Four days in the beautiful Jemez Mountains at a most beautiful time of the year.
The forest is open with no fire restrictions. It is gorgeous, green and inviting. All of the areas that folks normally use for recreation are accessable and unaffected by the Las Conchas Fire. Hiking trails, forest roads, hot springs, fishing access and all campgrounds are open for use.

Although it is Labor Day and traditionally the forest is crowded, this year may be a little different…after all, this summer can best be described as “weird”. That being said, the campgrounds do fill up quickly. Fenton Lake State Park, San Antonio, Jemez Falls and Redondo campgrounds are normally at capacity by Friday afternoon (in that order). There is always somewhere to camp, however, so please stop in to Amanda’s for specific and up to the minute camping info. We are happy to assist.

Some things to know. If you are bringing a trailer or RV, come up full with water. There is literally no place in the Jemez to fill your RV water tank. If you need five gallons or so of drinking water, that can be done.

One of the more popular summertime activities here in the Jemez is cliff jumping on the East Fork of the Jemez River. Although the trail is open and the hike beautiful, the water is dark and dirty with ash. So…even though the hike is awesome, I would discourage actually jumping in the river. For this same reason, there is not much fishing opportunities along the East Fork….or the San Antonio and Jemez below Battleship Rock either.

Fenton Lake, the Rio Cebolla, the Rio de las Vacas and the Rio Guadalupe are all in great shape and fishing quite well. Check out our fishing and stocking reports for more specific information.

There is only a 30% chance of rain this weekend but come prepared for brief afternoon showers. Nights are cool and pleasant.

It should be a great long weekend, so come up, enjoy what the Jemez has to offer and be safe.

Stop in to Amanda’s and say hey. And don’t forget that ice cream on the way home on Monday afternoon.