Here are the old reports for Fenton Lake before the website was updated. Newer reports will be individual reports.

Fenton Lake has been fishing great ever since the ice came off in March.

Earlier in the Spring some nice Browns were being taken…but now it is mostly stocked Rainbows, 9-11 inches that are being caught.

Most baits have been effective, but especially Salmon Peach Power Bait and nightcrawlers off the bottom.

We had a report last week that maribou Pistol Petes were knocking em dead.

Black Wooly Buggers with a red head have been good as well.

The lake was last stocked on May 11th with 2500 Rainbows.

It will receive another stocking next week prior to Memorial Day.

Good fishing.

Fenton Lake was stocked again on 5/23/11 with 586 Rainbows.

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Fenton Lake stocked again on 5/25/11 with 450 Rainbows.

Fenton Lake fished well for stockers over the Memorial Day weekend. Everybody caught fish. Worms and nightcrawlers seemed to be the most effective bait. Fly fishers did well with olive Pistol Petes, black Wooley Buggers with a red head and Mosquito patterns on top.

Fenton Lake was stocked on June 6th with 2233 Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout from the Seven Springs Hatchery. Included in this number was approximately 233 brood fish in the 16-18 inch range. This weekend should be a great time to be on the lake.