April Fishing In The Jemez Can Be Very Good

April Fishing In The Jemez Can Be Very Good

This appears to be unique year for recreation in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. With unprecedented low winter snowpack, no runoff and an early thaw to Fenton Lake, we are already experiencing late spring conditions here in the Jemez. The streams are running clear and quite low for early April, but are fishing very well. The lake is also fishing quite well and has been, ever since the ice came off about a month ago.

But for how long?

My advice is get on up to the Jemez sooner than later this spring, as the best conditions will probably be in April this year….at least until we can get into the monsoon season in July and August. May and June are our hottest and driest months historically. High fire danger, fire restrictions and possible forest closures will contribute to limited camping and recreational activities. Hot and dry conditions will also cause an early algae bloom in the lake that will limit or curtail stocking activities. Likewise, with the streams, low and warm water conditions can restrict stocking activity to certain Jemez streams. I don’t like to sound pessimistic, but this is the reality of the situation.

Now, some positive news.

The NMDGF will be stocking heavily throughout the month of April. Check back often with our JemezCentral stocking report for up to the minute stocking information. Jemez Falls Campground is scheduled to open on April 19, 2014 (about a month earlier than normal). San Antonio Campground (reservation only) is scheduled for an April 29th opening (also early). I may have some exciting news concerning Redondo Campground soon, so stay tuned. Vista Linda Campground, of course, is open year round. Forest roads 144 and 376 (to the south) are scheduled to open on April 15th. These openings will provide for good camping opportunities for both improved and dispersed camping.

In spite of the fact that we received from 2-6 inches of new snow today (April 3rd), the Jemez Mountains remain very dry. The fire danger is  listed as HIGH. There are, however, no fire restrictions at this time. I realize that I am ‘preaching to the choir’ here, but please be extremely careful and responsible with your campfires.

Once again, my advice is to get on up to the mountains now (April) while the getting is good. Stick with JemezCentral.com and I will keep you updated with the most current developments….be they good….or bad.